Every story hasa beginning...

Mine started as a young boy sitting next to my grandfather, around what seemed to be a larger-than-life sized dining table, absolutely mesmerized by how much he enjoyed grandma’s food. Growing up, food was truly the cornerstone of our family and close friends, with the kitchen and specifically, my grandparents dining table the focal point of our family unit. I learned to be grateful for the food on the table, and sentimental about the memories created in those moments, as they have stayed with me throughout my journey.

Cooking quickly became a deeply rooted love and an inseparable part of my life, just like my family and close friends. I learnt that through cooking, I can recreate distant memories and nostalgic moments, immortalising them through food.

My cooking is inspired by the beautiful seasonal produce of our country, ethical and sustainable food practices, and the familiarity of flavours I grew up with. Following the latest food trends, engaging with a few of our country’s amazing chefs and cooking from a home library of cookbooks has helped me refine my culinary skills.

Even though I currently still have a fulltime career in the corporate world, it’s my life’s passion to cook and entertain clients on a very personal level.

My passion has a name...Die Lang Tafel.

And it's all about delicious food and good company around one big table.

Die Lang Tafel is a concept of many forms, firstly it is an exclusive and private dining experience, which is often set in the comfort of a client’s own home. Booking a Lang Tafel means hosting a restaurant experience for your guests at home, spoiling them with a personalised menu that is cooked in your kitchen. Add in a finishing touch with an optional wine pairing and it becomes the ideal event for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and year-end parties.

In addition to a private and exclusive experience, once a month, Die Lang Tafel takes on the form of a chef’s table concept, where I cook for 8 guests in the privacy of my own home or a special venue. The menu will be seasonal and inspired by what I enjoy eating currently.

I also create a great option for a larger number of guests, which is an exciting and theatrical drinks and dessert offering, guaranteed to have your guests entertained and speaking of your party for months to come!

So how does it work...

  • Contact me via phone or email below.
  • Let’s discuss all the necessary details like the number of guests, the type of menu or food you and your guests enjoy, and dietary requirements.
  • We agree on a menu and quote.
  • On the day of your dining extravaganza, I will arrive with the necessary pots, pans, crockery and cutlery and fill your home with flavours and textures to match the good company around the table.
  • I will leave you with nothing but a clean kitchen and memories of delicious food and good company.

For more information or to book your place at the next Lang Tafel please contact me on the following;

(t) +27 84 888 2950

(e) info@chefjohan.co.za